The 3Greens Hits

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. Please continue to pray for our soldiers!!!! We enjoyed the day with our friends the Lane's and the Kennedy's. The kids swam and we fried fish, hushpuppies and french fries. It was good, relaxing day!!!

Valley Day on the River

This past Saturday was "Valley Day on the River Festival". Despite the weather, we had a really good time. Maegan and her friends Kelsey and Allie Davis enjoyed the water slide, mechanical bull riding, bungee trampoline and pie eating contest. Stephen, myself and our friends JB and Heather Davis sold raffle tickets for the Valley Recreation Parent Association. We would give each other breaks so we could walk around and check out the many vendors and taste some o the great food--I tried Alligator tail--it was wonderful...LOL!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Awards Day 2nd Grade

Maegan's school had two days for awards. On Tuesday, Maegan received a medal for being an all A student. Today, she received the Lt Governors Physical Fitness Award--this means she scored at least 50% on all five state tests (sit ups, pull ups, sit and reach, shuttle run and 1 mile run). She was one of two students that received this award. Needless to say, we are SO PROUD of her. She is siked to be out for summer break and hopefully we will get to do some fun stuff!


Last Saturday, we took in an Alabama baseball game. We got rained on right before the game started, but other than that, it was a great day!! They played in Auburn so it was a short trip for us. Alabama won 13-3 so it made for a fun day. Here are some pics from our day.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Finally the Weekend

Well the weekend is finally here and it will go by so fast. We had dinner with our friends the Smiths last night and had to stay a little longer because the weather was really rough! We are getting ready to head to Auburn to take in the Auburn/Alabama baseball game this afternoon(hopefully the weather will hold out). Maegan has been so excited all week about us going. Hope everyone has a great weekend and hopefully I will post pics from our trip soon!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Softball and Grilling

I finally remembered to take the camera to Maegan's game. She is playing pitcher and last night she hit 1 single, 1 double and 1 Home Run!!!! She is loving it and really doing great!
Her dad decided to teach her how to grill tonight. She told me that if her husband can't cook, she will just tell him to "back up and let her cook".....LOL! She is a mess.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Catching up---Happy Mother's Day

WOW am I behind. Since our last post, we have been to the STICKS country concert in Auburn, AL. It was so much fun. Maegan has started playing softball, I think she is up to 4 homeruns and several doubles and triples. She is playing pitcher and doing a really good job. We are so proud of her. Stephen and I have taken on being leaders for the Valley Recreation Parent Association--we try to raise $$ for the children's sports--it is a lot of work, but it is definately for a good cause! Keeps us running and on the go, but I guess that is the way it is suppose to be. Stephen went deep sea fishing with some buddies and had lots of fun. Maegan and I went on her school field trip for her AR points. We went to a place called Butts Mills Farm---they had ponies, hay ride, train ride, bull ride and LOTS of playgrounds. All the kids had a great time. I had a realization just the other day that this time next year I should be DONE with school!!!! I file my intent to do my internship and graduate when I register for Summer semester, so only two more semesters of classes and then the big internship---I sure need the prayers, so keep them coming!!!! I was trying to do a slideshow of our Sticks trip, but haven't had much success(haven't really took the time to figure it out)--so I am posting just a few pics from that. I hope to take my camera to Maegan's game this Tuesday and take some pictures, so hopefully I will be posting those pictures soon. Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!!!