The 3Greens Hits

Monday, December 29, 2008

Visit from Ashley

Our niece Ashley from Texas came for a short visit. We picked her up at the airport the day after Christmas and she is here until Tuesday. Uncle Stephen took her and Maegan hunting and Ashley shot a doe!!!! She was so proud! Stephen said she was a pretty good shot! We will miss her when she leaves. She graduates high school this year--time just flies--she has been coming to stay with us for at least a week every year since she was 5!!!

Christmas Day

Wow--Christmas Day-all the anticipation and it is finally here. Maegan woke us around 8:15. She headed straight for her stocking and then to see the "good stuff"...she was so sweet letting me take pictures of her with all of her goodies--she was checking out her clothes when she saw the Wii...the clothes did not stand a chance she started throwing them to get to that Wii...she re-enacted her "Wii surprise" pose for me so I could get a picture! It was such a wonderful day. Stephen and I cook breakfast so the rest of the family can come eat and see what Santa brought--we had a Wii tournament going on!!! I think the big kids are worse than the little ones!! GOD is good and Maegan gave a shout out to Jesus on his birthday!!!!

Christmas Eve

I had to work on Christmas Eve day, so Stephen and Maegan got up for a hunting trip. Maegan was so excited-decked out in her camo from head to toe!! She had a blast, took a nap in the tree house, got to see a few deer, but nothing worth shooting. I was able to get off work around lunch time so we were able to spend the afternoon together. We let Maegan open one present from us. We had wrapped up the bean bags for a bean bag toss game(the boards were hidden in the garage)--she opened the bags and was so excited to have them--she said all we need now are the boards, so Stephen sent her after something in the garage and she found them--she was soooo excited. We played and cooked--then took a nap so we could go to our church's Christmas Eve service at 11:00, such a beautiful service, just late getting home. Maegan had been tracking Santa on the radar so by the time we got home, he was in FL--she went to bed immediately in hopes that he would come soon!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Play at Church

Maegan was the little bird for the Children's Christmas at our church. The play was entitled "What the Animals Made Known"-they told the story of Jesus' birth through the eyes of the animals at the stable that night. She did a great job of learning her lines and singing the songs. All of the children did a GREAT job--we were so proud. Her costume was a red tshirt with red feathers glued to it---the hat was just an added bonus!!!!! After the play, the children had a visit from Santa himself!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trip to Dallas, TX

Stephen's cousin got married December 13th in Dallas TX, so myself, Stephen, Maegan, Nana and Grandpa Willis loaded up EARLY Thursday morning heading to Dallas. Man was it a trip. It was pouring down rain when we left Valley and about 70 degrees as we approached Mississippi and getting colder by the minute. In Forest, Mississippi, the snow started and did not stop until we were almost to Louisiana. Maegan was so excited to get to see some snow and we were all nervous and praying that we would make it thru! Stephen did a wonderful job of driving! When we arrived at the Texas state line it was back to t-shirts and sunny weather!! Amazing! When finally arrived in Dallas after about 14 hours on the road. We were so excited to see Aunt Laura, Uncle Chuck and our niece Ashley!!! We had dinner and hit the sack! Friday we toured downtown Dallas and showed Maegan where JFK was shot it was pretty cool. We spent most of the day just walking and taking in the sights, we had a wonderful dinner at the rehearsal dinner that night. Saturday we were up bright and early and headed to the Dallas Zoo-the weather was wonderful and we pretty much had the zoo all to ourselves. We were able to play with the gorilla--talk about weird!!!! The wedding was later that day with a nice reception to follow--all in all it was a wonderful trip!! We can't wait to see Ashley again in about 2 weeks!!!

Finally catching up!!!

I know, I know!! I haven't updated in a while. I am having to back up some so I can hopefully get the pictures posted in order. Knology is helping fund the Christmas Merry-Go Round this year, so they hosted a "family day" for all the employees and their family and friends on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Maegan and I went and took her friends Allie and Kelsey Davis. Of course, Lily Claire went too!!!! The weekend after Thanksgiving, our friends, "the Smiths" came for a short visit--Maegan had to pose with both babies as they are just adorable and predious. We so enjoy it when they come to stay with us as we miss them soooo much!!! Maegan, Trent, Lily Claire and her mother Tia were all dressed for church so I had to capture that moment!!!