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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Visit from Texas Niece and Nephew

Our niece and nephew, Kaylee and Grant are here for a short visit this weekend. They flew from Houston, TX all by themselves. Stephen's mom picked them up at the airport on Wednesday evening. Grant and Maegan are both 8 and Kaylee is 6--they have a blast playing together. Friday evening we all went to the local mexican restaurant, then Maegan and Kaylee went to spend the night with Nana while Grant decided to come stay with us. He and Uncle Stephen got up around 5:00 to go turkey hunting--it was raining but they decided to give it a shot. Grant had never been hunting before. The picture is of them before they headed out---is it just me or do they look alike!!!!!!! I plan to take more pictures today and get them posted. It is yucky and rainy, so we are off to McDonalds to eat and play on the playground.


We are the Smith Family said...

Wow....looks like a great weekend. We did miss you guys!!! HUGS!!!

Kim said...

Glad you all had fun! I can't believe they flew by themselves.. how brave!

Ashley said...

man, i'm JEALOUS!
omg. grant and uncle stephen look identical. holy moley. it's not even funny. lol. miss yall! <3